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Abe Precision manufactures a wide variety of components with a precise and superior quality finish, always striving to provide high quality at a reasonable cost. CNC Turning system maximizes precision by continuously monitoring system feedback, improving tool life and reducing power consumption; all of which mean greater productivity at a lower cost. We offer precision tolerances up to ± 0.0003 inches on all part dimensions.



Production Volume Min – 1 prototype – 1 unit
Long Run High Volume
Min Part Dimension 0.187″ Diameter
Max Part Dimension Max Bore: 3.00″
Chuck: 10″
Tolerance (+/-) (+/-) 0.0003 inch
Precision / Tight Tolerance




Production Volume Min – 1 prototype – 1 unit
Long Run High Volume
Equipment Capabilities 3 Axis Machine
CNC Control
Travel/Limits 30″ X 16″ X 20″
Table Size 36″ X 14″
Tolerance (+/-) (+/-) 0.001 inch
Precision / Tight Tolerance

Abe Precision works most common metals, including Stainless Steel, aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, brass, copper, AL-NI-Bronze and Inconel, please contact us for a full list of metals.
Abe Precision Inc. delivers the efficiency and reliability that will give you the competitive edge.

Micro Hand Deburring

We specialize in micro hand deburring a wide variety of parts as small as 0.150”. The company maintains a climate controlled room designated for deburring services with a strict cleaning and maintenance program.

Deburring services are used to remove the residue and imperfections remaining on a metal surface after the part has been machined. Our deburring facility for miniature parts uses microscopes, 10X magnifiers and an assortment of custom knives and hand tools. Our metal deburring services are performed under controlled conditions.

Abe Precision will ensure that your part is finished and deburred to your specific requirements and standards.y and reliability that will give you the competitive edge.

Micro Blasting

A stream of pressurized, abrasive, particulate media is used to deburr and create a smooth surface. The stream is highly precise, able to perfectly wear away small burrs in intricate cavities and holes that are not easily accessible by other means.

Abe Precision is equipped with micro sand blaster machines for this service. We can abrasive-blast most parts as small as 0.15”

Our services are performed by our skilled technicians with several years of micro blasting experience to deliver quality and precision in every work.

Buffing, Polishing

Specializing in hand buffing and polishing, we work with a variety of industries, our metal polishing processes enhance the surface of a part by means of metal removal. Buffing unlike polishing is the process that will give the part its final finish. Buffing can also be done on our bench buffing machines using a wide range of buffing media. Our techniques allow precise buffing that will not pit nor damage the surface. We are capable and ready to put the finish you need on your product. We have the capacity to run high volume and low volume jobs maintaining always high quality in our services

Buffing, Polishing - Abe Precision